Like Tony Bennett, I left my heart and my appetite in San Francisco’s Mission District.  But now San Francisco Mission burritos are coming to Brooklyn with a taquero (burrito/taco chef) from one of the most respected taquerias in the game. Bite into one of our amazing burritos and you’ll be teleported to 24th and Mission, San Francisco. Food this good needs to be on both coasts.  Well guess what, IT IS!

Our shop, with its delicious aromas, and hearty taste draws you in.  Once inside, the sounds from the kitchen take over, as our fresh organic meat is prepped, seasoned, charbroiled, and grilled to perfection for your order.  Once your food’s ready, grab some chips & salsa to go with your order, compliments of the house. Nice.

​The authentic burrito’s migration from out west to the east coast is somewhat new, and is the bridge between two cities. Along with awesome original San Fransico Mission District burritos, B’klyn Burro’s also bringing tacos, and quesadillas. We would like to be the conduits in helping folks in Brooklyn feel the same passion we have for eating and sharing original SF Mission District food.

​Order. Unwrap. Enjoy. Unwrap more. Finish. Come back. Smile.​

We are B’klyn Burro.


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